Monday, August 17, 2009

My Plarn (plastic yarn) version of a Placemat Bag

There are some decisions in life that just take a little longer to make a final determination. For the longest time I have struggled with designing and creating a bag that was condusive to my style .. they are always tooooooo big or tooooooooo small. Choosing the right color, the right pattern stitch, etc... So many decisions.

I'll admit that there are a few websites and blogs that I have an addiction to. Can't stay off of them and do a refresh several times to see what new item was just added. There is no cure for this addiction other than to just take the computer away from me.

While viewing all the beautiful creations on, I came across this really cute and creative placemat tote tutorial:

I fell in love with the concept and decided, this may just be 'IT' 'THE ONE' ....

So I decided to make a crochet version of it. I did make some minor modifications to the oval-ness of it. I wanted square corners. Of course it was made with plarn (plastic yarn) and added circles to the base of the straps to give it a little more interest.

Here are pictures of it empty and with contents. Also, it expands when being carried, and then flattens sitting on the ground.

I added a zipper lining.

Here is a side view - can you guess what the circles are? When you break open a water bottle, the circle is what remains on the bottle.

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  1. I love this bag! I also really love how you used the plastic circle from the water bottles. Very inspiring!