Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pics of Stitch 'n Pitch Raffle Prizes

I should have provided these pictures of the Stitch 'n Pitch Raffle prizes when I announced the winners but just didn't think about it at the time - quite honestly, I was more excited about announcing the winners.

This is the Handmade Tote made from Plarn (plastic yarn) Rose will be receiving:

Measured in the middle from top to bottom=22"

Laid flat, the bag in the middle measures just under=13" across

The strap itself measures from one end to another=241/2"

This is the set of 3 CD Plarn Baskets Charlotte will be receiving:

Large basket measures 51/2" from top to bottom

Medium basket measures 41/2" from top to bottom

Small basket measures 3" from top to bottom

p.s. I did receive a response from Charlotte who was so excited about winning the baskets because she never wins anything. I feel ya, Charlotte - I never win anything myself which is why this raffle was so rewarding for me.

Congratulations again to both ladies and thank you to all for entering. I do see myself having another won later this year.

Stay tuned!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Winners of the Plastique Recreations Stitch 'n Pitch Upcycle/Recycle Raffle

I am so excited to announce that the Plastique Recreations Stitch 'n Pitch Upcycle/Recycle Raffle has 2 winners and without further delay, they are:

Rose and Charlotte

Huge congratulations to both of you for entering my raffle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be sending you a congratulations email requesting the address in which you would like to receive your prize.

In the event you're wondering why there are 2 winners - I assumed my son knew he would be drawing only 1 email from the basket. Well, he got 'draw happy' and had already pulled out a 2nd email before I realized it to stop him.

Thank you for all the kind emails I received. Please let me know if you are interested in seeing anything special or unique made from plarn. I will be glad to whip something up for you to see.

BTW - Don't forget >> you can still receive a free gift just by participating in my 'One Less' Campaign. All the details are spelled out on my blog.

Important Note - This raffle was one way for me to bring awareness to the importance of recycling.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stitch 'n Pitch Upcycle/Recycle Raffle

**Due to popular demand of the Stitch 'n Pitch Upcycle/Recycle Raffle***
I am extending the entry deadline to Friday, 6/12th.

Enter to win one of the following prizes:
  • Handmade Tote made from Plarn (plastic yarn)
  • Pop Tab Gator Bracelet
  • Set of 3 CD Plarn Baskets
Here's what you need to do if you haven't already: send me an email at with your name and prize choice no later than Friday, 6/12th.

All emails will be placed in a box and my 19yr old son will draw the winning email and the name will be posted on Saturday, 6/13th

Good luck to all!!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

The 7-10 Split anyone can pick up

Hi -

I'm always looking at new idea to let my creative juices run wild and make more than just market bags from plarn (plastic yarn).

My 19yr old son asked me to make a graduation gift for a female bowling friend. And, of course, when I asked him to tell me alittle something about her to get a few ideas of what to make, all I got was - she's a girl mom, what more is there to say. That was a big help.

I wanted to give her something bowling related so I just let my imagination run wild and before I knew it, I had made a bowling pin. Well, you can't have a bowling pin without a bowling ball. Before I knew it, 1 pin led to making this bag.

Hence, the birth of a 7-10 Split Plarn bag.

He's somewhat of a quiet kid so I got the biggest laugh when he told me he gave her the gift out in the parking lot so not to draw too much attention inside the center. That didn't work because she ended up taking it into the bowling center and before the tournament started, showed it to EVERYONE.

This picture shows alittle bit of the bowling fabric I used for the lining that I sewed into the bag. I tried to get closer but when I got too close, the image started to blur:

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it.