Monday, January 25, 2010

Recycle by Recreating to Reuse

How cool is it that one minute you're drinking an icy cold diet coke out of a plastic cup and some minutes later that same plastic cup is a fashionable tote? Check out the picture, it says it all!!!

One of my 2010 resolutions is to raise the bar expanding awareness of keeping plastic out of the landfill beyond just plastic bags. So when I had this little beauty in my hand, I just couldn't throw it into the recycle box.

This cup was going to become the true definition of - 'Recycle by Recreating to Reuse'. Which also happens to be my 2010 motto.
You ask just how eco-friendly is this tote? You already know what the front and back panels are (see Coca Cola cup in pic above), in addition to that I crocheted around the panels with clear plastic yarn; gave it a pop tab closure and to ensure a strong base, the bottom of the bag is supported by 3 floppy disks (I did remove the silver clasp and magnetic disk.)

I used bigger pop tabs as the anchor for each strap. This will give it the added support when it's being filled it up with whatever you want - e.g. groceries, books, a picnic lunch or packing it for a trip to the beach.

Let me know what you think ... please leave a comment!!!

Come back and visit soon because there's more creations like this that I'll be introducing this year!!!


  1. It's awesome!

    I’m just starting to work with plarn. Right now, I have over 100 hot pink Mary Kay bags that are being converted. I have no idea what they will become when I'm done with them!

  2. Wow, hot pink plastic bags, I'm envious. I would luv to see what that turns out to be. Make sure you share it with me.

  3. That is SO VERY creative! I'd love how to know how to turn plastic bags into yarn! Maybe I'll look up some tuts on youtube.

  4. Love what you stand for girl!!