Friday, August 19, 2011

Free Pop Tab Bracelet Crochet Pattern - Lazy 'P' Pop Tab Plarn Bracelet

Pop Tab Bracelets are one of my favorite fashion accessories so I am always thinking of new designs and techniques to create with them.  

I recently completed a new plarn handbag using the traditional Puff Stitch as part of the design.  Impressed by the character the stitch offered to my handbag, it has been added to my list of favorite stitches.  
As I was thinking of my next pop tab bracelet design, I decided to see what a pop tab bracelet would look like using the traditional Puff Stitch.  At first, it lacked the finesse I was expecting.  Then I decided to make the chain 1 through the next pop tab giving the appearance the Puff Stitch was 'laying down on the job' so to speak.  That was it. 

That's how I came up with the name of Lazy 'P'. 

Made with Dollar Tree plastic yarn aka plarn

·        Crochet Hook – Size G
·        Plastic Yarn:  Approximately 2 standard size plastic grocery bags (width of strip – approx  ¾”)
·         Approx 18-22 Pop/Pull Tabs (clean & consistent in size).  The # needed will be determined by size of wrist
·        (optional) Craft Needle for weaving in ends
Important Note:   Not all plastic is made the same.  When using plarn, achieving the desired size or gauge is dependent on the texture, thickness and strip width of the plastic yarn. 


ch(s) = chain(s)

po = plarn over

sl = slip

st(s) = stitch(es)

Helpful Tips:
·        Read through pattern instructions before beginning.
·        Plastic in general is susceptible to ripping/tearing due to its very nature.   
                o   Weaving in ends - it is best to maneuver your craft needle behind a puff st and not through the stitch to avoid splitting the plastic yarn.
      ·        The edged hole of the pop tab will be always be placed behind a non-edged hole. 

Special Stitch:
Puff Stitch:  Po, insert hook in pop tab, po, pull through and bring plarn up higher than normal (3 loops on hook), po, insert hook in same pop tab, po, pull through and bring plarn up to height of rest of stitches (5 loops on hook), *po, insert hook once again into the same pop tab, po, pull through and bring plarn up to height of rest of stitches (7 loops on hook), [IMPORTANT NOTE:  For more puff,  repeat from * until enough puff is achieved.] po, pull plarn through ALL loops on hook. 

With 2 pop tabs overlapped, join plarn with a sl st in overlapped hole, ch 1, place a new pop tab under previous pop tab, make a puff st in that hole.

*Place another pop tab under the previous pop tab, in new overlapped hole make a sl st, ch1 and Puff st.

*Continue overlapping pattern until desired length is achieved ending in last overlapped hole.

Continue until bracelet is long enough to fit around wrist.  [Fitting Tip – wrap bracelet around wrist overlapping the first and last pop tab.  There is some stretch so no additional tabs are needed to maneuver finished bracelet over hand.] 

Remove hook from st (make a big enough loop so completed work doesn’t come out because you’ll be coming back to it).
Working on opposite side, in 1st overlapped hole join with a *sl st, ch 1 and Puff st.  *Repeat pattern in each overlapped hole to last overlapped hole.   Before connecting the ends, do a second fitting.

                                                             The 1st  hole is skipped as it will be worked when forming the circle.

Form Circle - Overlap the ends together to form a circle.    
Both ends pulled together

*Work pattern of sl st, ch1 and puff st in this hole. Finish by making a sl st in 1st puff st.  Fasten off, weave in ends behind the puff st.

*Repeat pattern on opposite side.


Download the Lazy 'P' Pop Tab Plarn Bracelet
(This link will take you directly to my (Crochooley) Ravelry pattern page)

I would love for you to share pictures of your Lazy 'P' Pop Tab Bracelet with me whether it is made with plarn (plastic yarn), tarn (t-shirt yarn), blarn (blue jean yarn), harn (hosiery yarn) or even regular yarn. 

Feel free to make and sell your finished product from this pattern.  LOL - I can't stop you anyway from doing it so I might as well offer you the permission.
However, please do not take credit or offer the pattern as your own.  Please direct them to this page.  If you have any trouble accessing the pattern, feel free to contact me at and I will email the pattern to you.  


  1. Do you have detailed instructions for the pattern? This looks very neat, I've done pop tab bracelets before, but I never thought about incorporating crochet in with it! Thanks, and have a great day!

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  2. wonderful ! thanks a lot :-) Lucie

  3. I could not find the artcile there does anyone have the pattern for this ?? please

  4. yea i cant find it either. please post if anyone finds it.

  5. The patterns are on the left side under Free Patterns!

  6. My sincerest apologies for the difficulty in locating my pattern. I have now detailed the pattern in the blog post for your convenience rather than send you to site to find it. I hope you enjoy making this pattern and would love to see pics of your completed item.

  7. oh thank you for the pattern i have four grand -daughters and they will lov ethis ,i am a crocheter an dit will only be used for them only thanks from maw maw sue