Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lid Bottom Bags

Earlier this month I showed you how I recycle and reinvent plastic cups and plastic containers by turning them into awesome spiral notebooks. Since doing the blog post, I have received an overwhelming amount of emails. Thank you to everyone for the very nice comments and compliments.

Now the real question everyone wants to know - what did I do with the lids? Hmmmm, let's just say what was up is now down...... These lids are now the bottom to my newest Market Bag/Tote Line which I call 'Lid Bottom Totes'.

I came up with the idea to use the lids as the bottom while thinking of something very unique and different to create for a contest that was hosting - 'Reusable Shopping Bag' Challenge . It had to be unlike something I've done in the past, something extraordinary.

So one day I just did a complete walk through of my house and garage and ended up in my kitchen with no ideas ... not even a thought. Then it hit me, LITERALLY, when I opened a cabinet door and plastic lids flew out from having too many of them in there.

While creating this, it also made me think about those bags that have been discarded over the years or still sitting in the back of closets. The bottoms are unsightly from constantly putting it on the ground making it too embarassing to take out in public.

Even yet, how many times lipstick has melted or something else spilled out staining the inside bottom.

But I wasn't going to limit myself to just the round lids, I discovered that my same technique would work just as well on oval lids too.
Thanks for letting me share this challenge with you.
I would like to know how you would have reinvented the lids??


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  2. always! I love the lids made into durable purse bottoms! Why didn't i think of that LOL. I save every lid..I can...out of dumpsters, and garbage cans. I love all the plastics...which I too, use in my art garments for fashion shows and galleries. I have always appreciated your input on flickr in my group here:

    PET Bottle and other Plastics Recycled Creativity

    And I know just how grateful people are to your sharing of these wonderful ideas !