Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Brown/Black Plarn CD Basket

Can you believe it - this basket saved not only plastic grocery bags but 2 CDs and 1 water bottle cap from ending up in the landfill!!!!!!!!!!!

I crocheted this cute little basket on a whim made from brown/black plastic grocery bags (compliments of Publix) and black trash bag. Measures 3" Tall x 5" wide.

(inside view of lid and basket)
The basket is perfect by itself for hiding hair accessories; make-up; jewelry, etc. or can hold a container of comparable size for keeping cookies and candy.

It is durable and stretches so you can stuff it as much as you want. Because it is made with plarn (plastic yarn) it's so easy to clean. One CD is used as the base (bottom) to keep it's form and the other CD used for the lid. Because my stash of water bottle caps is growing, I decided to use it for the knob for easy lifting of the lid.

Not shown, I the baskets as a set of 3 with the 2 other larger baskets measuring:
Medium: 4" tall x 51/2" wide (fits a 1lb 14oz margarine container)
Large: 5" tall x 53/4" wide (fits a 16oz Coolwhip container)

Simple Reminders with all my plarn products:
*Very easy to clean
*Please, Please, Please - keep away from hot surfaces & flames
*Would not place food directly in container unless it's packaged or in another container.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Plastic and Pop Tab - Who Knew???

Sometimes it just makes sense to let our creativity take control which is exactly what I did.

I kept thinking to myself what was the best way to reuse the ring that gets separated from the cap when you open a water bottle. I ask you - is it possible for anyone to ever really have enough jewelry? Duhhhh - no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I made a bracelet.
I made this with red and white plarn (plastic yarn), dressed up with pop tab and fun fur to give it an added unique look. The best part about this bracelet is it can be worn casual with jeans or with that fancy black dress (not that I have one). Also, it can be worn on the wrist or the upper arm. The plarn gives it some stretch so it can slide right off or removed by silver clasp closure.

Because we all like options, I made it reversible. One side with pop tab and the other side without.

(Please excuse the pictures - as you can see the one thing I'm not is a professional photographer.)

Stay tuned - I enjoyed making this so much my creativity isn't stopping yet. I'm in the process of making a matching necklace and earrings as well. Oh, and let us not forget the ankles!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not just another Water Bottle Holder

I have been crocheting with plarn (plastic yarn) for 10+ years and have a tremendous appreciation for it. Why - because you just can't waltz into your favorite LYS and buy it. You process it from scratch. So when I'm thinking of new recycling projects, I always try to find ways to avoid using as much plarn wherever and whenever possible.

It's important that my projects be unique, different, creative and unlike anything else out anyone has seen.

My son just finished drinking a sports drink (Powerade) and I wondered to myself what could this bottle be used for. I picked it up and noticed how user-friendly it was to my hand and my fingers just conformed to the structure of the bottle. It was so easy to grab and pick up. That's when the idea hit me to make this into a water bottle holder.

So I cut the bottle off half way, used a hole punch and punched holes all around. Then did multiple rows of sc until I reached a reasonable height. I determined how high I wanted to go up by placing a water bottle inside which determined how much further I wanted to go before starting the flap.

Next decision - what to do for the closure. Nope - wasn't going to consider a snap, a hook, a button, etc. because then it wouldn't be unique and different. That's when I decided to use a pop tab. But the pop tabs from a soda can just seem too small. My collection of pop tabs range in various sizes so I decided to use a big one (Campbell's soup can).

Making the strap was easy. I wanted to incorporate both colors so I did a ch of 65 and hdc across in one color (row 1) then changed colors, did another row of hdc (row 2) then for the final row (row 3) changed back to the first color. I attached the straps to the sides, sewed the pop tab to the front and weaved in all my ends. It's done.

What did I accomplish? I kept a plastic container from ending up in the trash, saved on plarn which will be used for another project and made a unique, different and one-of-a-kind water bottle holder.

Very simple and quick. Project completed in one evening. Oh, this would make a really neat gift idea too.

I'm happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

When is a lid to a deodrant can no longer a lid?

To kick off my 'ONE LESS' campaign to encourage individuals to do anything and everything possible to keep 'One Less' from ending up in the landfill, I will be sharing ideas on how I try to accomplish this.

Question: When is a lid to a deodrant or any other can not a lid?

When it is transformed into a cute little holder or container - whether it is for trinkets, jewelry, coin, etc. or even a small planter. Even use it with a drawstring.

All of these were crochetted with plarn. To prove that plarn and yarn 'can play together nicely', I crochetted the drawstring top (pic #3) with Caron Simply Soft yarn.
I will be providing the patterns for each very soon.

Let me know what YOU would use the lid for?