Sunday, May 10, 2009

When is a lid to a deodrant can no longer a lid?

To kick off my 'ONE LESS' campaign to encourage individuals to do anything and everything possible to keep 'One Less' from ending up in the landfill, I will be sharing ideas on how I try to accomplish this.

Question: When is a lid to a deodrant or any other can not a lid?

When it is transformed into a cute little holder or container - whether it is for trinkets, jewelry, coin, etc. or even a small planter. Even use it with a drawstring.

All of these were crochetted with plarn. To prove that plarn and yarn 'can play together nicely', I crochetted the drawstring top (pic #3) with Caron Simply Soft yarn.
I will be providing the patterns for each very soon.

Let me know what YOU would use the lid for?

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