Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Now Offering Plarn (plastic yarn) Kits

I introduced last week for the first time, since my shop has been opened, Plarn Patterns. Something I've wanted to do for sometime and finally took the plunge.

PDF Crochet Pattern - Medium Eco-Friendly Grab and Go Plarn (plastic yarn) Market Bag. This is just one of the 3, I'll be listing the other 2 (i.e. Mini and Mega) very soon.

PDF Crochet Pattern - Round Carry-All Plarn (plastic yarn) Tote

I'm really raising the bar on myself this year which as you know was one of my New Year's Resolutions. Here's another new for my shop ... drum roll please -

'I Can Make This Myself' Plarn Kits

So what made me decide to use this Tote as the introduction of the first Plarn Kit?

Petite Shoulder Tote

I receive emails from different individuals who tell me how easy I make it look. I respond with - 'it is'. Also, that they are very curious at trying it out but just don't know where to begin. For some of us, me included, taking that first step down any path can be a little trying. This is my small way of 'walking with you' down that path.

I designed this Tote as a 'first project' perfect for any beginner or someone who wanted to try their hand at crocheting with plastic yarn. It's not too big and it does not have a lot of variations. To put it gently, it's simple and 'petite'.

The kit comes complete with everything you need - a sufficient amount of plastic yarn, detailed pattern instructions with a picture gallery, helpful hints and tips... also included is a crochet hook.

So once it comes, you can sit right down and get started without having to do any pre-work.

As a token of my appreciation, it comes packaged in this cute little darning basket as my complimentary gift. You can keep all your supplies in this while making the Tote and when you're finished, use for the next project.

Thank you for letting me share with you my exciting news... please come back and visit!!!

p.s. Comments are always welcome...


  1. Wow! Great idea! Way to go, I am very impressed!

  2. Really interesting ideas and I am a lover of recycling. Keep those landfills from over flowing any way you can by recycling, reusing, re purposing and reincarnating old into new.

  3. Those are really nice. The only thing that's been putting me off trying it is all the cutting up of bags beforehand!

  4. I am impressed with this entire blog! I found it by accident because I was googling "knitting with plastic bags." I am very glad that what I thought was a lone voice in the woods, is not! YAYYY!