Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MOLLY J. WALTER ... Environment Hero

As most of you know, back in January I did a blog post 'Until Plastic Bags are Banned' which was to draw attention to the harm plastic bags are to the environment and even more so, what they do to our animal friends. Until a permanent fix is in place, we have a responsibility to do whatever we can to keep as many plastic bags out of the landfill.

There are multiple shops on Etsy that take this responsibility very seriously. I refer to them as 'Environment Heroes'.

Let me introduce to you .....Environment Hero -

Q: What is the creative process you use to decide what to create for your Etsy store?Functionality is always first! If I can make something out of plastic that is usable and beautiful, I will! I don't follow any patterns, but just go, and then I get to see what comes of it. No two items are the same, which I really appreciate as an artist.

Q: Are you selling your products in any other online venue other than Etsy? At this point, no. But I have plans to launch my own website in 2010!

Q: Do you have any interest in selling your product in an actual store/market place? Yes! I have discussed some consignment with a few different outlet, but nothing seriously yet. I'd like to get a few more art shows/events under my belt first and have a few already scheduled for 2010.

Q: What are your favorite things to make with plastic bags? Rugs. They are so functional, practical, and can be machine washed, if desired. Rugs are fun to make with all types of plastic, in all colors and kinds of crochet stitches (i have even knit a rug or two lately!) and the BEST part is that guests in my home are surprised to find they are standing on hundreds of plastic bags (ie: my entry room rug).

Q: Take a wild guess on how many plastic bags you have to-date been able to keep out of the landfill? 6 - 10 thousand so far. I hope to use twice that much in 2010.

Q: What will you do when plastic bags are officially banned in the U.S.? I would just find something else to crochet with! It is a challenge to upcycle, a challenge I really enjoy. If plastic bags are no longer availabe, which would be great for the Earth, I'm sure I will find something else to create with.

Q: For someone to get to know you, how would you describe yourself? Creative, passionate, and dedicated. I'm always striving to improve my craft and stretch my abilities, in all areas of my life.

To receive additional information about her fantastic plastic bag creations, she can be contacted at:

See more of her designs at

And, if you want to meet her in person, she will showcasing her talents at the following upcoming shows:

  • Crafty Wonderland, Oregon Convention Center in Portland Oregon, May 1st and 2nd (tentative)

  • Recycled Arts Festival, Vancouver Washington, Esther Short Park, June 26th and 27th

    I hope you enjoyed meeting Molly J. Walter as much as I have.....

Please come back and visit soon so you can meet the next Environment Hero!!!!


  1. What a great posting! Just followed your blog & twitter! Recently updated our blog:

  2. Following you now as well - luvvvv you blog, very innovative .

    Thanks for the kind words on the blog feature - just doing our little part to keep the environment safe!!!

    Have a good one!!!

  3. wow facinating work! its amazing what kinda things you can work with :D

  4. very cool, first time we saw plarn we had no idea what it was and then we couldn't believe that all these great things were made out of plastic bags. great environmental hero!