Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Plastic and Pop Tab - Who Knew???

Sometimes it just makes sense to let our creativity take control which is exactly what I did.

I kept thinking to myself what was the best way to reuse the ring that gets separated from the cap when you open a water bottle. I ask you - is it possible for anyone to ever really have enough jewelry? Duhhhh - no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I made a bracelet.
I made this with red and white plarn (plastic yarn), dressed up with pop tab and fun fur to give it an added unique look. The best part about this bracelet is it can be worn casual with jeans or with that fancy black dress (not that I have one). Also, it can be worn on the wrist or the upper arm. The plarn gives it some stretch so it can slide right off or removed by silver clasp closure.

Because we all like options, I made it reversible. One side with pop tab and the other side without.

(Please excuse the pictures - as you can see the one thing I'm not is a professional photographer.)

Stay tuned - I enjoyed making this so much my creativity isn't stopping yet. I'm in the process of making a matching necklace and earrings as well. Oh, and let us not forget the ankles!!!

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