Wednesday, January 20, 2010

FANTASTIC PLASTIC ....Environment Hero

Back in January I did a blog post 'Until Plastic Bags are Banned' drawing attention to the harm plastic bags are to the environment and even moreso, what they do to our animal friends. Until a permanent fix is in place, we have a responsibility to do whatever we can to keep as many plastic bags out of the landfill.

There are multiple Etsy shops that take this responsibility very seriously whom I refer to as 'Environment Heroes'.

Let me introduce to you ..... Environment Hero -

Q: What is the creative process you use to decide what to create for your Etsy store?
Plarn (plastic yarn) has become an increasingly popular material to work with. I started playing around with it about 4 or 5 years ago. Once I discovered the possibilities behind making wearable forms I was pretty much hooked. I am always looking to diversify, but for the time being the plarn accessories take up the majority of the shop. I have a few grocery totes as well.

Q: Are you selling your products on any other online venue other than Etsy?
Not at the moment, but perhaps sometime soon.

Q: Do you have any interest in selling your product in an actual store/market place?
Absolutely. For a potential customer to be able to handle and try on a product would definitely have its advantages.

Q: What are your favorite things to make with plastic bags?
I really enjoy the freeform accessories. Taking something like a plastic bag and making something sculptural and chic is a satisfying venture. It also just seems a little funny. Not to mention that moment others have when they see what you’re wearing isn’t yarn or hemp. Working with something that is intended to be worn provides an extra challenge. Aside from working with what can sometimes be an awkward material, I’m working with the body. I like knowing that each accessory is totally unique. Since I’m not working from a pattern each time I make something new it can become more complex with even more skillful construction. Good times.

Q: Take a wild guess on how many plastic bags you have used to-date for your creations?
I’m not sure I could guess. A lot. To give you a reference, many of the cuffs are anywhere from two to five bags. The necklaces are about double that. I have made larger items that took hundreds of bags. Also, I have a few large baskets of plarn skeins. This stash consists of hundred of bags. A decent amount for a one woman operation. Although, as we all know this is not even a dent in the massive amount of bags that still make their way to the landfill.

Q: What will you do when plastic bags are officially banned in the U.S.?
Well, when I run out… I run out. I suspect it will be a little while yet, particularly for those of us here in the Midwest. I have friends that save them for me. This keeps me fairly stocked up. There are always materials to be repurposed. Despite the current green movement, we are consumers. There will always be some waste. I’m a scavenger. I will adapt and find other materials to work with.

Q: For someone to get to know you, how would you describe yourself?
I’m an artist and college art instructor, both which I thoroughly enjoy. I prefer summer to winter, the city to the country, and dogs to cats. I have a tendency to speak my mind even when I shouldn’t. I love word and strategy games and can be a bit competitive. I watch a lot of movies and if I love them I will indeed watch them many times. I’m a scavenger and a collector and a domestic. I’ll make something out of anything that lands in my little paws.

Here are additional jewelry pieces for you to enjoy:

I hope you enjoyed meeting Fantastic Plastic as much as I have!!!!


  1. What cool jewelry made from the plarn!

  2. this is a great post and blog! i am running a wednesday recycle your art and supplies challenge on my blog and would love to see some of these folks join in! you, too!

  3. plastic bags are banned by me! I live in Northeastern NC and all large stores can only give out paper or you can bring your own. I live by the ocean and they are trying to help the environment. Small stores can still have them but it is a start.