Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunshine but Windy Day Plart (plastic art) Yarn

As I was looking around my plastic bag collection, the Dollar General bags jumped out at me. I had to figure out what to do with them - something different. As the wheels were churning in my head, I noticed my Louet wheel sitting there looking sad and lonely.

That's when I decided, it was time to introduce another plarn color combination. I thought the yellow with black (Dollar General) plastic yarn and white with black (Winn Dixie) plastic yarn would be a perfect match. It reminded me of a sunshine day.

I looked outside my window and saw how windy it was and decided that my new concoction needed to reflect that as well. That's when I decided to throw into the mix the Raffeta. After it was all spun, this was exactly what I envisioned it would look like.

My spinning of this was a little different than normal. I plied the plastic yarn with the raffeta using different alternating combinations. My combinations were:

  • holding the yellow plastic yarn and raffeta while spinning the white around it;
  • holding the white with raffeta while spinning the yellow around it;
  • holding the yellow and white plastic yarn and spinning the raffeta around it

I wanted to make sure that all 3 colors stood out and not one dominated more than the other. I did discover that while spinning with raffeta was fun it was also challenging because it kept getting caught in the spokes on my wheel.

I haven't quite decided what type of bag/tote to make with this yet. But one thing I know for sure, what ever the finished product ends being, it will definitely be ooak.

1 comment:

  1. The raffia-plarn mix is beautiful. I've never heard of plarn and can't wait to learn more through your blog. I think it's a beautiful way to take care of all of those bags.