Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Brown/Black Plarn CD Basket

Can you believe it - this basket saved not only plastic grocery bags but 2 CDs and 1 water bottle cap from ending up in the landfill!!!!!!!!!!!

I crocheted this cute little basket on a whim made from brown/black plastic grocery bags (compliments of Publix) and black trash bag. Measures 3" Tall x 5" wide.

(inside view of lid and basket)
The basket is perfect by itself for hiding hair accessories; make-up; jewelry, etc. or can hold a container of comparable size for keeping cookies and candy.

It is durable and stretches so you can stuff it as much as you want. Because it is made with plarn (plastic yarn) it's so easy to clean. One CD is used as the base (bottom) to keep it's form and the other CD used for the lid. Because my stash of water bottle caps is growing, I decided to use it for the knob for easy lifting of the lid.

Not shown, I the baskets as a set of 3 with the 2 other larger baskets measuring:
Medium: 4" tall x 51/2" wide (fits a 1lb 14oz margarine container)
Large: 5" tall x 53/4" wide (fits a 16oz Coolwhip container)

Simple Reminders with all my plarn products:
*Very easy to clean
*Please, Please, Please - keep away from hot surfaces & flames
*Would not place food directly in container unless it's packaged or in another container.

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  1. Cute! Very crafty! I'm sure the graduating girl will love it. When I finally get around to cutting up my large stash of grocery store bags I'll be coming to your site for ideas a lot. Thankx for posting!