Monday, May 3, 2010

It's All In My Head - or rather - on My Head

Plastique Recreations launched it's newest product line - Hats

And, of course, these were made from plastic yarn which is also known as plarn [plastic + yarn = plarn].

The ironic part of it all, I don't wear hats - never did. I don't even try because I just don't look good in them. I created these not only for the challenge but even more importantly, to have something new and different to offer my fashionista and/or fashion-gent customers.

I have always admired ladies that wore wide-brim sun hats. These are the cutest things ever!!! So, of course, what was the first hat I designed - a Sun Hat with a wide brim.

But it's not any ordinary sun hat - I designed this so the fasionista would have options. This awesome hat was made from WalMart produce bags. And, you know how soft they are.

Here are just a few of the different ways it can be worn:

Then the baseball cap came next

And, like all my plarn creations, these are completely washable and stretchable.

So while you're protecting your head from the harsh sun rays, you're even looooooooooooooooking good while doing it. You have to admit, these are a definite eye catcher.

If you like these hats, wait until you see what kind of hat I'm designing next. Hint - fabulous sun visors but not just any ordinary sun visor.

Stay tuned......

I would luv to know what you think of my newest product line.

Thanks for letting me share with you!!!

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