Friday, July 8, 2011

Recycling Zip Lock Sliders

I'm not afraid to admit that I am zipper challenged.  It has actually become a phobia.  After several attempts even while watching YouTube videos, it was time to face reality.  It was time to throw in the perverbial zipper towel but only after I determed what could be used as a replacement.   I prefer zippers over snaps and buttons. 

Then the idea came to me that an alternative to sewing a zipper is attaching a ziplock slider from a Hefty or Ziplock Bag.   I use ziplock bags for everything in my house but the bag because unusable way before the ziplock slider does. 

Here is my creative way to recycle those ziplock sliders and below are a few of my original plarn (plastic yarn) pouch designs with zipslider closure as part of my newest RecycleZip© product line: 

Here are pouches made with a front bow pocket for an added bonus: 

Pouch made with Red plastic yarn and Bow made with Target/CVS plastic yarn

Top view to show the recyclezip closure

Pouch made with black plastic trash bags and Bow made with Dollar General plastic bags
(FL Gator Fans) Pouch made with Blue plastic bags and Bow made with Orange plastic bags

The most recent addition to the RecycleZip product line is the multi-color pouch:

Made with Home Depot plastic bags and contrasted with Walmart product plastic bags

Top view of zipslider

Made with Dollar General plastic bags and contrasted with Black trash bags
  These are available for purchase in my Etsy shop at !!!!

Thank you for letting me share my creative recycled designs .............

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