Friday, February 25, 2011

Pat's Powerful Pink Plarn Tote

There is nothing more flattering and rewarding to a designer than when a special customer makes a request for you to create something customized to their specifications.  Well,  my special customer is Pat from Gainesville, FL who recently asked me to design a 12 x 12 round pink tote using a tight stitch and drawstring handle.     

Of course, it would have been so easy to make this bag using only the single crochet stitch.    I just couldn't  do that.  A special customer deserves a special stitch which is why I chose to make this bag using the extended single crochet stitch.  The extended single crochet offers a unique texture while maintaining an attractive appearance.   And of course, durability and strength is a definite must.

The base and bag is made with over 130 pink plastic bags.  The top and bottom was edged with white plastic yarn using the reverse single crochet stitch.   

And the best part about this customized order - the customer is quote
"I am 150% happy!"

Do I really need to say anything more?  

Thanks for letting me share this with you .................

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