Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pop Tab Bracelet Crochet-Plarn Along

Due to the overwhelming # of responses received for the W&G Checkbook/Wallet Organizer C-PAL, I figured let's squeeze in another before saying good-bye to 2010 ....

This Crochet-Plarn Along will be in honor of those that are seeking a 'last minute gift idea'.

Don't get excited yet because I'm not posting the pattern now ....  I'm just spreading the word to see if anyone is interested.

The project for this Crochet-Plarn Along will be another original Plastique design - Pop Tab Front Post Plarn Bracelet

The skill level:  Easy

Materials Needed:
  • Crochet hook - size F
  • 14 pop tabs
  • 2 standard size plastic grocery bags
Average time to complete:  less than 30 minutes 
   (except if you're laughing too hard from watching     something funny on TV or chatting away with friends ...all of which are completely acceptable and encouraged)

Start date:   Dec 7th  (in honor of my son's 26th birthday)

Because this is a super simple and it being so close to Christmas and because I want you to make as many as you want for yourself as well as the special people in your life and because I want to see pics of your little beauties, the pattern will be in only one posting.  

If you interested in participating, please leave me a comment.

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