Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wrap&Go Checkbook/Wallet Organizer Crochet-Plarn Along / Part 2: The Party Continues

Part 2:

Making the fold over flap with inside I.D. Pocket and Pen Holder

We will be using the rev sc (aka Crab St) in Part 2.  If you are familiar with how to make the rev sc, feel free to jump down to 'Pattern Instructions'.  

Here's how to make a rev sc stitch (aka crab st):  It may feel a little odd because you’re make a sc just going in the opposite direction (i.e. left to right).  Insert hook, plarn over and pull through  (2 loops on hook), plarn over and draw through both loops.  Continue in each st. 

Pattern Instructions

Fold over Flap -

Decide which side of pouch will be the back, with back side facing you still using the H hook, attach contrasting color with a sl st in corner st.

Row 1 & 2: Sc in same st and in each st across. (Fast Forward moment:  the 2nd row will be placement of the pen holder.)

Row 3: In blo, hdc in each st across. Turn.

Row 4 -7: Hdc in each st across. 

Photo 8

Row 8: (This row will be the width of your I.D. or other card that will be used.) Hdc in each st across only for the desired width of the card. Turn.

Photo 9

Row 9 – 15: Hdc in each st across. Fasten off, weave in ends.

Photo 10 - Outside Back View

Photo 11 - Inside View

ID Pocket:

(Note:  The Pocket is made separately then attached to the inside flap by making a rev sc through both layers when edging around the flap.)

Row 1: Ch the same # of sts to match Row 8 plus 2.  Hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. Turn.

Row 2: Hdc in each st across. Turn.

Row 3: Hdc in next 2 sts. Turn.

Row 4: Repeat row 3. Turn. Remove st off hook (DO NOT FASTEN OFF, you'll be coming back to it.

With wrong side of pocket facing you, join sl st in 1st st on opposite side of Row 3, hdc in same st and in next st. Turn, Repeat row 3 &4.  Fasten off, weave in ends.

Photo 12
 Row 5: Place hook back on st, hdc in next 2 sts, ch 9 or the the # of skipped stitches on Row 3,  hdc in the last 2 sts.  Turn.

Row 6 – 8 (or desired height of I.D. card): Hdc in each st across. Fasten off, weave in ends.

Photo 13

Lay pocket on inside flap to determine what row to rev sc through both layers of the pocket and flap.  (Tip:  I found it works best to have the ID opening lined up with the 2nd row from the top of the flap, see photo 16.  This avoids any hang-over)  

With contrasting color and back of pouch facing you, join with a sl st in lower left corner. Rev sc up the side attaching I.D. pocket along the way, 

Photo 14

Photo 15

2 rev sc in corner, rev sc across top (in flap only), 2 rev sc in corner, back down opposite side (including I.D. pocket) of flap and around pocket opening to 1st rev sc made.  Fasten off, weave in ends.  The remainder of I.D. pocket will be attached with craft needle.

FYI - RecycleCindy raised a valid concern so I wanted to share this with you. She didn't like the way her rev sc was turning out so she chose to do a regular sc st around. If this is your choice, then here are the directions for doing a sc st edging:   assuming your right handed, (referring to photo 10) join with a sl st at the bottom right corner of the flap, up the side to the corner, now going left across the edge of skipped sts, to the corner that would start the first joining of the I.D. pocket to the flap, up the side to the top right corner, the sc’s from the corner to the corner is a single layer in just the flap. You’re now at the opposite corner, sc thru both layers now attaching the other side of I.D. pocket, going back down the left side then arriving at the bottom corner parallel from where you started. Fasten off

Photo 16

Pen Holder:

Determine how wide of a holder you desire for the pen and placement of the holder.  (Tip: I prefer 8 sts evenly centered on the flap.  There is no right or wrong, it's a personal preference.) With inside flap facing you, join with a sl st in the 1st st of the pen holder, sc in same st and in each desire # across.  Turn,

Photo 17

Sc in each st across for 4 total rows or # of rows needed for pen.  (Tip: Plarn has some stretch to it.   You want it to fit snug.)  

Photo 18

Attaching - sl st in each st across to attach holder to flap.  Finish off, weave in ends. 

Photo 19

Photo 20

You did it, you now have a Wallet/Checkbook Organizer. 

But were not done yet!!!  Just 1 more set of instructions left.  Please continue to provide the fantastic feedback.  

Feel free to post your comments, questions and/or progress pictures via this blog post or at any one of the following sites:

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Ravelry: (Crochooley) Group - From Trash to Treasures

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