Monday, March 7, 2016

Free Recycled Sewing Tutorial - Homemade Pet Potty Pad

I really didn't want to call this a 'puppy potty pad because it was made for 2 rebellious cats.  I call them rebellious because when they went from being outdoor/indoor cats to indoor only cats, they started to do bad acts.

To be closer to my grandchild (and soon to be grandchildren - grandson expected at the end of this month), we moved into a house with a large pond in the back yard.  And this pond comes with duck families and beautiful birds.

Cats being cats, I didn't want to be responsible for going outside and finding any of these beautiful animals dead.  So I designated a closet in one of the rooms as 'the place'.  However, I started noticing an odor around the area.  That's when the realization  

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