Monday, April 27, 2009

Plarn Thoughts and Suggestions

You gain an even more appreciation for Plarn (plastic yarn) because of the activities necessary to begin using it. Because of this, I treat plarn as if it were a precious commodity. As part of my pre-planning activities, I always try to think of how I can use something else with it to avoid using as much plarn while still accomplishing my goal.

Here are a few suggestions for your pre-planning efforts -

Bags of plenty will be needed for most projects. It will take several bags to make even a standard size tote. Some suggestions I have for acquiring bags:

  • Ask the cashier to double bag your merchandise (e.g. groceries, clothes, etc.)
  • Ask friends, family and acquaintances to save their bags for you (i.e. grocery bags, bread bags, etc.)
  • Check with local businesses to see if they recycle and how they dispose of their plastic bags

I would not recommend using a bag that contained:

  • Chemicals – whether it was in sealed container or not. It’s just not safe even with thorough washing.
  • Meat or poultry. Especially with fluid leakage. You could try washing the bag with hot soapy water.

If in doubt, smell it. Smell the inside of the bag when it dries. If it still smells bad and you really want to use it, I would strongly suggest making something like a rug.

In any given situation .... My ‘Rule of Thumb’ - use your own best judgment.

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