Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to Make Blue Jean Yarn

Since posting my Blue Jean yarn in Etsy, I've received several requests for a 'how-to'.

Below are the steps I take to make blue jean yarn. I welcome your feedback. If you do it differently, I would love to know how you do it.

To start -

  • Take a pair of blue jeans and cut the legs off at the crotch.

  • Lay pant leg flat on cutting surface with one seam on top and other seam on bottom. (If you have a really sharp rotary cutter or good scissors, this can also be done in a double layer. Not sure I would go more than that but feel free to give it a try.) Cut off the bottom seam.

  • Fold the bottom seam up to within 1" to 2" from top seam. (Note: the top seam is used as your stopper to keep from cutting straight thru.) Use the continuous strand method, (here is my tutorial: to cut up each leg. (Note: The width of the strip cut will depend on the project needs to achieve an accurate gauge. For example, 1/4" cut would work for a scarf; 1/2" to 1" would work for a rug)

Keep each strip in a separate pile.

After all jeans are cut up, either by hand or with your sewing machine - stitch the ends of each strand together with clear thread. You now have 1 very, very long strand.

Throw this very long strand in the washing machine. (If the jeans were cleaned before you started cutting, the 'rinse and spin' cycle is sufficient. If not, wash as normal.)

Then into the dryer. Be prepared for a nice surprise when the dryer stops. (Note: When it does come out of the dryer, it'll be a big mess. Be prepared to spend alittle time untangling.)

Quite honestly, the blue jean yarn is ready to go now. Feel free to get out the knitting needles or crochet hook and let the creative juices take over.

OR - go one step further and spin -

For Handspun (either with a drop spindle or spinning wheel) -
I used a single ply, so really either an 'S' or 'Z' twist is sufficient. It really doesn’t matter because you're just wanting to achieve that tight twist affect.

(My Disclaimer - I'm new to the wonderful world of spinning so my use of terms may be alittle spotty.)

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